Britt (lt_sp) wrote,

BigBang Mixup

I will never learn not to do things I won't be able to finish, but, alas...

Look what I signed up for.

Darn it, crazybeagle! You are bad influence on me!

bigbang_mixup graphic

| Mixer Sign Ups | Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups | Intro/Rules/FAQ | Codes/Affiliates/Resources |

The bigbang_mixup challenge is a bigbang challenge that closely resembles a reverse bang. It mixes up the order of the challenge—first, a fanmix is created. This fanmix tells the story. It will then be claimed by an author who will write a piece of fiction (that tells the story they read the fanmix to have), which an artist will then claim (this is pretty straightforward--the artist creates art based on the story).

Disclaimer: Music mixes are not required to be downloadable; online playlist sites are an alternative option, even encouraged. Please keep in mind that if you join and eventually download mixes that US law states all downloaded music must be deleted within 24 hours if it has not been purchased.


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