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Stuff I hate...

My caseworker (not social service, for those of you who are curious). She berates me, insinuates that I am stupid, rolls her eyes when I ask her to explain something more details. She tells me that my reasons for doing things are stupid. I want a new caseworker...NOW!

Yes, I stole this idea from Jade West's Slap profile, so what?

I hate when parents make plans without asking you first. Just because I have nothing important to do tomorrow does not mean that I am okay with going to a boring meeting. I can't even understand half of what the woman says and she never listens when I speak. I am also not okay with having to spend the four hours after that meeting in my mother's office. The building's flipping creepy!

More stuff I hate tomorrow!

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Dear LiveJournal and Real Life Friends,

If you're not watching GRIMM....we can't be friends anymore. Joking, not really. This show is everything I have ever wanted in a show, The main character, Nick Burkhardt, is suddenly thrust into a whole new life. He discovered that he is a GRIMM, bound by destiny to see the fairytale-inspired creatures in our world.

For the people who know me, though, I even have a ship! Nick & Monroe are awesome!

Well,... why are you still reading this? GO WATCH GRIMM!



Dear fandom & real life friends,

Today was graduation day! I am officially an alumni of my college. I now have a bachelor's degree in communication arts specifically Public Relations. My family, boss, friends, and awesome roommates were there to help me celebrate my success. It was fun and happy, but a little sad. I will miss my roommates and friends. They made college a great experience for me. We will keep in touch because I could not imagine not having them in my life.

The College Graduate

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Dear fandom and real life friends,

Do you ever wonder about other people’s motivations? Is it normal to wonder about that every time someone talks to you? ‘Cause I do. I wonder why people would talk to me. I’m not overly interesting or anything and I’ve never really been the person people want to talk to so I’m kind of confused. Is that normal? My friends are aware of this…insecurity of mine and reassure me that they talk to me because they want to, but I don’t really believe them. Not when I’m always the one calling them or they blow me off after making plans with me. I’m not the only one who worries about this, right?

Insecure as always,

BigBang Mixup

I will never learn not to do things I won't be able to finish, but, alas...

Look what I signed up for.

Darn it, crazybeagle! You are bad influence on me!

bigbang_mixup graphic

| Mixer Sign Ups | Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups | Intro/Rules/FAQ | Codes/Affiliates/Resources |

The bigbang_mixup challenge is a bigbang challenge that closely resembles a reverse bang. It mixes up the order of the challenge—first, a fanmix is created. This fanmix tells the story. It will then be claimed by an author who will write a piece of fiction (that tells the story they read the fanmix to have), which an artist will then claim (this is pretty straightforward--the artist creates art based on the story).

Disclaimer: Music mixes are not required to be downloadable; online playlist sites are an alternative option, even encouraged. Please keep in mind that if you join and eventually download mixes that US law states all downloaded music must be deleted within 24 hours if it has not been purchased.


PLLChallenge100: Toby/Jenna

01: Love
02: Coming of Age
04: Color
05: Blood
06: Endings
07: Beginnings
09: Showdown
12: Power
15: Fire
16: Dancing
17: Forest
18: Stars
19: Grief
20: Spring
21: Summer
22: Autumn
23: Winter
24: Cry
25: Want
26: Need
27: Compassion
28: Trust
29: Obsession
30: Passion
34: Sadness
35: Eyes
36: Lies
37: Courage
39: Sleep
40: Dreams
41: Revelation
42: Incomplete
43: Heartless
44: Candle
45: Innocence
46: Nuance
47: Sacred
48: Unity
49: Ugly
50: Beautiful
51: Gain
52: Protect
53: Wake
54: Truth
55: Dare
56: Cold
57: Memory
58: Pleasure
59: Violent
60: Flinch
61: Heartache
62: Explore
63: Run
64: Heaven
65: Hell
66: Lust
67: Fear
68: Determined
69: Surrender
70: Broken
72: Shadow
73: Purity
74: Balance
75: Fog
76: Haunted
77: Dawn
78: Twilight
79: Midnight
80: Weakness
81: Shiver
82: Wander
83: Yield
84: Torn
85: Understand
86: Mess
87: Ruin
88: Breath
89: Accusation
90: Friendship
91: Laugh
92: Snowflake
93: Tremble
94: Tragic
95: Smirk
96: Moon
97: Sun
98: Scars
99: Forgotten
100: Always